Surgery Day

As I indicated in one of my earlier blog posts, I decided to have my hair transplant done with Dr. Bruce Marko. Due to the extent of my hair loss, he recommended FUT. My hair transplant surgery was done on November 11, 2016.

Here are some of my pre-op photos. On the Norwood scale, I am between 5 and 6 (maybe approaching 6).

top side-2 side

I arrived at the clinic at 6:45 am. Dr. Marko agreed to let me stay in my wheelchair during the surgery. Three assistants were helping him during the procedure. He marked the hairline and measured the donor area. It was 25 cm from ear-to-ear on the back of the head. To get enough tissue for 2500 grafts, Dr. Marko said he would have to make a 1.2 cm wide cut.

One of the assistants wrapped my head with tape and then injected local anesthesia on the donor and recipient area.

front-head side-head injection

It is very important that you tell your surgeon the medications you are on and if you are allergic to any of them. Dr. Marko have me stop taking baby aspirin a week before the surgery. He did not take me off my diabetes medication.

Once my donor area was numbed by his assistant, Dr. Marko makes the incision and takes out a strip of tissue approximately 25 cm long from the donor area. He then sutured the wound.

Suture-Side Suture-Back

In the meantime his assistants prepare grafts.

follicles grafts

Dr. Marko then “poked” 2500 “holes” in the recipient area as his assistants prepare grafts.

recipient-area-prep-1 recipient-area-prep-2

Two of his assistants then transplanted 2,475 grafts into the recipient area of my scalp.


The whole procedure lasted about 4 1/2 hrs, and I was done before noon. Before I left I scheduled a follow-up visit in 12 days to remove stitches.

Overall, the surgery went smoothly and I did not feel any pain. I was given a prescription for an antibiotic to prevent post-surgery infection and tramadol for pain. Also, I was instructed to keep my head elevated for a couple of days.

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